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I am a Integrative Hypnotist and Skills Coach who guides anyone who is ready to learn the skills - those skills necessary to harness your untapped mental power by training your conscious mind to let go of the activities done more easily by your unconscious mind.  I can teach you techniques that will allow you to align your beliefs, thoughts and emotions to unleash your creative power.

I know that everyone has the inner resources to achieve the goals to get what they need and want.  I will guide you to find the questions you need to ask yourself so you can access those resources on your own.  I will teach you self-hypnosis and other techniques so you can develop the skill of hearing your own inner wisdom.  I will help you find the keys to unlock what you have been unable to access, yet. And when you unlock your true power, you can create the movement you want in your life.

I am available as a coach to support you through the process of discovering how you want to channel the energy and enthusiasm that is naturally available when you stop struggling with beliefs that no longer work in your life.  I am also available to help you from time to time to identify and release specific blocks.
Contact me when you are ready to achieve what you want - now.

-  Camille

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