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Discover Authenticity - a voice of innocence

When you let go of all that has been given to you by others, you will have a totally different quality to your being – innocence. In that innocence, you can experience your life directly, in this and every present moment.




You can learn how to open your perception - find your strengths, develop your confidence, manage your stress, or simply feel more at ease doing anything you choose to do.

Integrative hypnosis for change is about learning how to re-wire your brain to work in a way that is more useful to you.  Being in trance is a natural experience that we all go in and out of all the time, whether we notice it or ignore it. You can learn techniques that allow you to notice it and actively change your brain to support the way you choose to live.  No one can make you do anything you don't want to do.

We all know that having choice in our lives is better than not having choice. Sometimes, though, we lose sight of the fact that we really do have choices, because we have lost the perspective that opens how we look at our lives. You can learn how to shift your focus, now, and become aware of more of what you haven't been noticing in your life. Imagine who you will be when you learn to recognize your opportunities for growth.

Our conscious minds are logical and analytical, and allow us to identify and think about our problems. And our unconscious minds are intuitive and experiential
and allow us to know the solutions. Why limit yourself to experiencing only your conscious mind? You can learn to access your unconscious mind, feel what your body is telling you, and integrate all parts of yourself. You can create the life you want to live.


I invite you to be open and willing to experiment with this process. I can guide you to explore and experience new perspectives – ones that will allow you to transform your life.




A first step in activating the power of your unconscious mind can be to find that customized expression of your goal that inspires you to keep going – no matter what.
Join me for an Inspiring Goal Setting Session - I will guide you to find that crystal clear vision of what you want to accomplish and what that will do for you.  In the process, you will uncover the hidden blocks that may be sabotaging your success. You will leave the session with:


  1.  In-depth understanding of what achieving your goal will do for you

  2.  A powerful, customized written statement of your goal that will inspire you to finally get out of your own way

  3.  Renewed commitment to do whatever it takes to reach that goal 

We each have our own map of the world, created from our DNA, as expressed through our experiences.  You can create a customized road map that will allow you to navigate your world – effortlessly.  Discover what you really want and what you need to do. Discover what is blocking you and how to clear your path.

I have an office in Manhattan where you can experience focused sessions targeting the changes you want to make. Or you can do an online session from the privacy of a location of your choice.

Contact me today to schedule your appointment.

I know you're beginning to wonder just how quickly you can change your life. For more information, please contact me by submitting a request for information on this site, at or 720-236-1101.

I look forward to working with you!



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