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What clients are saying about camille ventrell:

In the business and especially in this city, it is so easy to become distracted by all of the input with which we are constantly bombarded.  As artists, we are sensitive to this outside stimulation yet everyone is unique and wants to create a career and life that is satisfying to them.  Working with Camille helps you to tune in more effectively to your own inner guidance, to trust more fully in your intuition and clarify goals that are the most meaningful to you.   What's great is that the tools she gives you are ones you'll be able to take with you and use for a lifetime!

-Raissa Dorff, Actress/Singer/Coach, Founding Member and Artistic Associate with The Active Theater 



It’s not what you think--Camille uses the imagination to access the imagination and for writers, artists and performers, Camille’s techniques are great to know and to experiment with. If you’re having trouble or you’re looking for a different way into the unconscious or if you’re looking for a more open way to work or perform, these methods are a terrific add-on. You’ll discover some new tools and you’ll enjoy yourself, too.
-Ross Klavan, screenwriter, "Tigerland."

Christine P., Oldenburg/Germany:


"Becoming acquainted with Camille during my two-month stay in New York pushed the results of my inner work towards a new level. I experienced a lot of methods before, but Camille’s hypnosis based coaching is one of the most efficient methods I ever tried. Camille is able to create a relaxed but focused atmosphere that helps me to truly open up to myself. The techniques she teaches are tremendously helpful throughout my daily life. Although her work can lead to enormous shifts, she never pushes, instead she opens the space you need to discover your own path in your own time to heal whatever is ready to be healed. I am more than happy that Camille offers online sessions so that I can enjoy her work even across continents."


David L., Manhattan:

"I originally approached Camille Ventrell for smoking  cessation and better impulse control in general.  She created a safe space to get in touch with myself and carefully laid a framework for addressing the underlying causes of my issues.  Then she taught me a healthier way to work with my mind and spirit so that I can continue to expand this progress.

Now, I’m able to greet each day as a new challenge rather than just something to be gotten through and my interactions with the world are far more engaged in a healthy way.

My productivity has doubled, my procrastination has vanished, and I have an optimism about life that I hadn’t realized had been missing before.  Ms. Ventrell has changed my life and has given me so much more than I could have anticipated!   She has set my feet on the road to better mental and spiritual health!"

A.S., Manhattan:

"If you are considering a shift, already in transition, or battling demons of any kind, you need to see Camille. She is tremendously gifted and very easy to talk to. Her observations, questions, and hypnotism helped me to clarify the kernel of what was holding me back. I experienced a tremendous shift during my one session with her."



Caitlyn B., Manhattan:

"Seeing Camille was my first experience with hypnosis and it was wonderful.  You have to be incredibly open minded to an experience that will seem foreign, but Camille makes you feel at ease.  After my first session I was told by a friend that I was noticeably calmer and more playful.  You can feel a difference in your stress and relaxation immediately.  I can't wait to go back!" 



Mark B., Brooklyn:

"It was an eye-opening experience for me having the hypnosis session with Camille. I walked away with more than I expected.  Camille's direct, yet gentle approach in addressing the issue that bothered me, combined with her soothing voice and comfortable surroundings helped me a great deal in learning some valuable techiques for coping with the problem at hand."  



Charlotte K., Hoboken:

"I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with Camille. It was my first experience with hypnosis and I was incredibly worried about giving it a go but once we got started, Camille helped me relax and focus on the issue. She has a nonjudgmental and very gentle approach and her voice is calm and soothing. I followed up with her once more just as a refresher course, but her two sessions helped me a great deal. Would very highly recommend her services for anyone looking to try hypnosis."  

Tara F., Brooklyn:

"I've long since been intrigued by the idea of hypnosis and of course I had all kinds of notions of what it would be like. I was confidently referred to Camille by another hypnosis practitioner. I've been meeting with her for the last few months and each experience is mentally empowering, but also useful in everyday life. Not only does she safely and compassionately take you through a mindful process where you imagine the different things that you want to do or change or address, she suggests real and practical tools to make these things happen over a period of time. For someone like me who is partly open and partly skeptical this approach is ideal.  Plus, she's just really cool and laid back."                                           

Jenny K., Manhattan:

"Through relaxation and visualization techniques, Camille helps facilitate a bridge between your subconscious and your conscious minds. Though fully alert and aware, my imagination began to explore concepts and objects that my conscious tends to brush aside in favour or dealing with the daily grind.  At the end of our session, I found myself feeling more grounded and calm. It was a lovely adventure. I enjoyed myself very much and would recommend others to try it out."  

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